The poster session will take place after lunch on Tuesday, October 24 (rest of the program here).

Here is the list of accepted posters:

  • Exploring Students’ Pre-instructional Mental Models of Machine Learning: Preliminary Findings
    Erik Marx, Clemens Witt, Thiemo Leonhardt and Nadine Bergner
  • Promoting Artificial Intelligence and Data Literacy within Teacher Education
    Valentina Dagienė, Martin Kandlhofer, Vaida Masiulionytė-Dagienė, Viktoriya Olari and Ralf Romeike
  • Integrating Computational Thinking with Mathematical Problem Solving
    Arnold Pears, Javier Bilbao, Valentina Dagienė, Yasemin Gülbahar, András Margitay-Becht, Marika Parviainen, Zsuzsa Pluhár and Pál György Sarmasági
  • GeNIUS: Conditions for successfully teaching computer science infused natural science classes in schools
    Elena Yanakieva, Annette Bieniusa, Christoph Thyssen, Thomas Becka, Julia Albicker, Niklas Westermann, Barbara Pampel and Johannes Huwer
  • Enhancing Teacher Education Through STEAM Integration in Informatics
    Anita Juškevičienė
  • A constructionist approach for transitioning to college level mathematics education
    András Margitay-Becht
  • Teaching the Von-Neumann-Model with a Simulator
    Martin Weinert, Hendrik Krone and Johannes Fischer
  • Exploring the Relationship between Digital Competences and Understanding of Informatics Education: A Study on Primary School Teachers
    Gabrielė Stupurienė
  • From Tree to Forest: Determining the Probability of Scoring a Goal in Football Games
    Jan Hendrik Krone and Johannes Fischer
  • Teachers’ Experience regarding Digital Threats for Children and Teenagers
    Julian Taupe, Andreas Bollin and Verena Knapp
  • Through wooden blocks to funny robots: the „Programmieren spielend entdecken“ way to build our future innovators
    Fatmir Racipi, Stephanie Eugster and Mathias Kirf
  • Finding patterns in productive failure steps? An explorative case study in a Teaching Learning Lab for Computer Science
    Frauke Ritter and Nadine Schlomske-Bodenstein
  • Teaching an elective course about quantum computing
    Jihyun Kim, Chaeyeon Lee, Jisoo Song, Chaeyoung Sim and Seongbin Park
  • From verbalization in problem solving on computational thinking tasks to the abstraction of block programming concept under Scratch
    Sayeh Karima
  • Gender Differences in Problem Solving Observed in Logo Novices
    Angelica Herrera Loyo and Jacqueline Staub
  • An approach to introduce high school students to the P vs NP question
    Jisoo Song, Seoyeon Oh, Soyeon Jeong and Seongbin Park
  • Introduction to quantum computing for middle school students
    Sunrim Lee, Jihyun Kim, Yuri Kim, Chaeyoung Sim, Soyeon Jeong and Seongbin Park