Guidelines Springer LNCS

These are the guidelines to follow for full papers accepted to be published in the Springer proceedings.

Please prepare the final version of your paper according to this:

  • Use the Springer LNCS template available here exclusively (the same as for your initial reviewed submission)
  • Make sure you de-anonymize the paper and that you include the ORCID of each author
  • For included images: make sure you use either vector graphics whenever possible (avoid taking screenshots of graphs, for instance), or high-resolution bitmap graphics
  • The corresponding author of each paper, acting on behalf of all of the authors of that paper, must complete and sign a License-to-Publish form, to be sent together with the final files for the paper
  • Please respect Springer’s Instructions for Authors document
  • (Strict) deadline: August 14

Note that once the files have been sent to Springer, changes relating to the authorship of the papers cannot be made.

Please send all files (all tex files, all dependencies, the compiled PDF) as well as the completed and signed License To Publish to no later than August 14. This deadline is very important, as any delay may prevent us from getting Springer to finish editing the proceedings in due time, so we will not be able to extend it. Authors who fail to meet this deadline will unfortunately not be able to get their papers included in the Springer proceedings.

Note that the page limit is strict: 12 pages, including references. An optional appendix of maximally 2 pages may be added. If your submission currently goes over that limit, please shorten it to make it fit within the prescribed number of pages. Kindly note that the page limit is valid assuming you are using the Springer LNCS template; please do not use alternative formats for the camera-ready version.

Also note that only papers which are presented at ISSEP are included in the proceedings. Thus, at least one author of each accepted paper has to register and come to the conference.